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I set a goal several months ago to be ready to self publish my screenplay by the middle of summer—86 pages into my goal and completing at least 2 pages every other night would haveyou thinking it would be a done deal. What altered that goal was what I encountered through research. With taking 6 months just to secure a copyright before I can publish, and the avenues I would have to traverse to make the right connections and land the right representation will delay that self-imposed deadline.

Working my second career as a Range Control Specialist instead of choosing to spend an entire summer break being leisurely is also proving to hinder my progress but hey the money is good. Being stationed at a unit poses it’s obstacles as there isn’t much time to have to yourself and let the creative juices flow for an undisturbed length of time. This guy has be nosey and ask a thousand questions about what a screenplay is, that guy wants to read it, and the other guy has all the advice in the world on making sure I don’t forget the little people and who he thinks I should send my work to. 

The best thing about this job, though is from time to time when the work day is over everyone goes on leave and I have the entire compound to myself. There isn’t a more perfect place for a writer to be—30 miles out in the middle of nowhere armed with nothing but a handful of cigars and a 5th of Maker’s Mark. Researching a published screenplay of one of my favorite movies as well as making corrections to a hardcopy of my screenplay and processing the ideas on my Mac is a double-edged sword.

The process serves both as a catharsis as well as a source of emotional pain. At some point I’m going to have to get to the nitty gritty of what is based on my true story and hash out how to present the ugly part of my life to the world. It’s like eating an apple—I’ve created quite an action-packed opening, a full circle ending, sprinkled with cool action, and anchored the purposeful plot moments with an eclectic soundtrack but I haven’t put to paper the embarrassing dirty laundry that is the core of the story.

The one thing I can’t seem to find is a helpful video or an article from an accomplished screenwriter that could give some helpful advice on how to approach raw moments and translate it into something that would be worthy of staying in the story if I were to ascend to the point of finding a buyer that would want take my work into production. 

The true struggle—Overcoming fear, doubt and seemingly insurmountable odds. I’m confident that I can accomplish my goal but the point is will my screenplay stand out or will it drown amongst the sea of other entries. How will I navigate maintaining my day-to-day career as an educator and somehow keep my finger on the pulse of the motion picture and entertainment diaspora happening in an entirely different state? That would be quite a trick to pull off to work in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia simultaneously. 

As you can see there are quite a few benchmarks that must be reached. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. I need to cross the bridge of finishing this screenplay first before I worry about everything else. 

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Turning the Tide

Where to start—So, here I am buried under the comforter in my bedroom while pecking on my aging Macbook Pro—Robert Downey Jr.’s version of Sherlock Holmes turned down low on the smart tv, and occasionally staring out of the windows of my third floor apartment at a forest of leafless trees and rolling hills on the second day of Spring Break vacation. 

 Mom’s funeral will be this Friday, which closes the chapter on my involvement with what is left of my family. Two sisters—One who has not been of sound mind and body for decades while the other, a woman whose disposition has mutated from a kind, compassionate, playful, and protective human being to a twisted, angry, treacherous creature full of misplaced vengeance and vindictiveness. 

 Thoughts of returning to Florida to forge a new lineage swirl in my thoughts, which will more than likely occur within the next 5 years. However, in the here and now it is time to hone my screenwriting skills. The inventory—The bulk of a screenplay written, a completed treatment and a longline to pitch. Originally I had planned to travel to Atlanta and search for an agent to represent my work. Recent findings have caused me to revise my strategy of attack and further refine the characters in my full length feature film. 

Foreseeing a monumental proportion of obstacles I’ve decided that merely registering my treatment with SWGE and going the poor man’s route of mailing a copy of the treatment to myself will not be sufficient. I must indulge in a self education and arm myself with as much knowledge on the industry. Acquire an official copyright and pinpoint actual names of people that are in position to put my screenplay into production. 

Speaking of Robert Downey Jr. I came across one of his quotes while conducting this comprehensive research on my current dream:


I think you end up doing the stuff you were supposed to do at the time you were supposed to do it.  —Robert Downey Jr.


An epiphany came about after discovering the aforementioned quote—At no point in the history of cinematic universe has there been such a growing interest with the success of  bringing minorities and women to the forefront in the film making diaspora. Simultaneously, at no other time in my life have I had enough life experiences to build into a body of work, put it into production and made into a movie than now. Time to turn the tide in my life.

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Zero Gain


The last time I rode in a taxi was when I flew down to the Florida Keys to visit the location of my new job and find a place to live. I had little to no money and I had to raid my retirement savings from my previous job in order to survive until i recieved my first paycheck from the new occupation. Living and working in an area where millions of people travel from around the world just to vacation for a few days was a once in a lifetime experience but living paycheck to paycheck wasn’t such a great experience.

I had made so many strides and gains from those days. I had money saved, a masters degree, tenure in a vested career, nice cars, a brand new house, a wife and a budding military career as a Sergeant in the Army National Guard. What happened between that watershed moment and the moment where I am now where I’m back to being single and living in an apartment with only a few dollars to my name? A series of bad decisions. 

Staying with a woman that only had her self interests at heart was the beginning of the end. Taking on car payments that were more than what I would have been comfortible with before marriage was the next bad move. Spending more money than I would have normally spent to ease the emotional and financial pain from going through a divorce was the next misstep. 

The pain of watching my immediate family dwindle from a 5 member household down to nothing is also an emotional pain that I did not take the necessary steps to deal with. Spending and running, running and spending without thinking except to ease the emotional pain of feeling alone, abandoned, betrayed and heart-broken. The final nail in the coffin was to sit on my ass for the entire summer and do nothing but lay around without a care in the world. So, here I am once again riding in the back of taxi, almost no money, and a long way from the next paycheck—zero gain.

There is a silver lining, though. My National Guard check is due to hit the bank in a couple days and I did pull my head out of my ass in order to make repairs to the X5 that I should have done on my own in the first place before relying on a mechanic that didn’t have any experience working on a BMW to touch my car, which was part of that last nail. It will take time to get back on top once again, and from this day forward all unnecessary spending will come to an end. I can survive this but most importantly, I must make a continuous effort to never go down this road again. 


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Where to Go From Here.

Okay let’s recap 2016: Officially divorced by early February and dating a new love by the end of March. Pursued administrative certification while trying to juggle several other responsibilities simultaneously. First attempt at a successful return to a healthy relationship crashes and burns. by the end of November. Juggling too many responsibilities on the job as well as complete the administration program also crashed and burned. To add insult to injury my dad died two days before Christmas.

Yes, last year was literally the worst year of my life. The stress of taking one loss after the next has inevitably shaken my spirit to the point where self-doubt has crepted in and done its damage to the effect where I have all but completely lost my drive, ambition and resiliency. For the past two months I made the effort to completely withdraw from any responsibilities and get into my feelings as it were.

For those of you who are still lingering on to my blog after all these months have passed I have good news. As I’m waiting for the auto parts store to open so that I can get parts for my broken down BMW I’m going to make an effort to begin posting entries again. Will the next few entries be the insightful, informative, romantic posts of the past? Doubtful because my creative flow is fractured. The next few posts will more than likely take on more of diary persona as I have to recover from the delayed reaction to a horrible year. 

The bright side: On blind faith I took a stab in the dark and attended a Secret Santa party where I met Cheryl. It was really a cute little interaction—She was a textbook introvert that quietly enjoyed the evening comfortably glued to the couch observing everyone else’s extroverted interactions as we clumsily mingled amongst each other, drank, played Pictionary and exchanged gifts.

She wasn’t even aware that I was interested in her as I found it difficult to approach her because she was attached to the middle-aged woman she came to the party with. On our next encounter we went to the movies as a group and then dinner where we made brief small talk. She was appealing in that she wasn’t anything like the type of woman I usually charge after. Mild mannered, quiet, and comfortable in her own skin.

We had our first date on New Year’s Eve, a milestone on so many levels. Six months later we are going strong without the tumultuous highs and lows I have experienced in so many past relationships. Gone are the days of high drama where a love interest feels the need to insert chaos because she feels insecure about any number of irrelevant issues. Gone are the days of being concerned with how social circles gravitate from one social event to the next, where to be seen and who to be seen with. For the first time in my life I am in a situation where I can take my time to grow a relationship without outside influences or having to adhere to an arbitrary timeline of benchmarks. To be continued.

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Day 100.



   In his first 100 days your president has failed. For the first time in the history of The United States of America a sitting president is under FBI investigation for collusion with Russia, a strategic enemy.

The first senate intel hearing is already underway—He has insulted our closest U.S. allies, seeks to destroy every institution that serves for the betterment of society, and cost the U.S. taxpayer more money in his first 2 months in office than any other U.S. president in history. 

Your president gave you more than enough indication during his campaign run that he was unfit. But you, the silent majority, voted for him anyway out of spite, hate, and vindictiveness. Like my mama used to say: “When you plan on digging a grave for someone else you better dig two.”

Y’all lying asses up there on Capitol Hill love using football analogies so much—If you show up to a game and you don’t have enough players you don’t delay the game you forfeit!! A deadline is a deadline. There is no do over!Good at closing a deal? You can’t even close your twitter account.









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